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NextCo, Inc. makes iOS game DotZilla FREE for a limited time.

DotZilla - A fun-for-all-ages game. Lay out a scene, draw a path, let a monster loose to destroy everything in it's path! For the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

NextCo, Inc. makes iOS game DoubleDot FREE for a limited time.

DoubleDot - An easy to learn, simple to play game - used your brain, not your reflexes. Perfect for anyone who wants a chanllenging, casual game that can be paused and restarted any time. For the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

NextCo, Inc. makes iOS app MushMouth FREE.

MushMouth - An audio tongue-twisting app! MushMouth messes with your mind - based on recent research into how our brain processes sound and speech. See how long you can talk - compete with friends and family! Save and playback your goofy speech! For the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.   More...

NextCo, Inc. to Donate All 2014 TickerTalk iOS App Proceeds to Help ALS Research

Through its $0.99 app, NextCo is helping to sustain the momentum established by Pete Frates and the incredible success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, while remembering one of its founders' mother who died of the disease in 1996.

Read more on our fundraising & awareness tribute page or see our press-release on prweb.com

NextCo, Inc. Releases first FREE Apple iOS app, DoubleDot.

DoubleDot - Simple to learn, easy to play! Children and even older adults can master the gameplay in just moments. All you need to do is drag and drop dots on top of each other. Each dot has a value - add them up to reach your goals. ...Easy! Or is it...? For the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.   More...

NextCo, Inc. Apple iOS app, MutantMaker, now available for iPhone, iPad & iPod.

MutantMaker lets you take photos of your family and friends and turn them into real Mutants! Make Mutantized new faces in real time, using existing photos by takeing new ones. Save in multiple resolutions, and esily share on Twitter, Facebook, and more. Great fun for less than a buck! Click here to see samples of how it works!

NextCo releases iForgot to Help You Remember!

NextCo, Inc.'s latest Apple iOS app, iForgot for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, reminds users what they left the room for.  More...

NextCo, Inc. Launches Its First Apple IOS App, TickerTalk.

NextCo, Inc., a new provider of Apple iOS apps, today announced the release of its first application, TickerTalk for the iPhone, iPad and iPod.  Read More...

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